Thorsby begins process to set new charges

Published 11:21 pm Monday, December 15, 2008

The Town of Thorsby is looking to increase fees for water taps and reconnections along with implementing new fees for excessive limb and other unusual trash pickups.

The Town Council passed an act to adopt a resolution to increase water taps by $100 to $850 inside the town limits.

Water Superintendent Terry Jackson said the reason why the town needs the fee hike is because the cost of installing water taps has skyrocketed.

“We’re going in the hole every time we’re putting in a new tap,” he said.

The council also wanted to adopt a resolution that would increase reconnect fees from $40 to $50. Jackson said they do not cut off water to customers only when they are two months behind on their payments.

This month, there have been about 15 who had their water cut off, which is down from a high of 35 a couple months ago. Officials believe the reconnect fee increase could help to deter more customers.

“We bend over backwards to help them,” Jackson said. “We don’t want to cut anybody’s water off.”

The council also is looking to adopt another resolution to create new fees for excessive limb pickup. If the town has to pick up more than one load of limbs, the residence could be charged $75 for the extra load. For limbs, construction debris, couches and other miscellaneous trash, the cost would be $75 plus the tipping fees after the first load.

Jackson said it is costing the town extra money for each additional load they take away from a person’s residence.

In other business, council positions were also assigned. Tara Hunt Jewell will be over the police department while Marvin Crumpton was assigned the fire department.

Neil Benson will be the liaison to the park and recreation board. Willis Britt is in charge of the city and sewer departments. Jean Nelson will be assigned to the zoning board.