Dollar bills fly in Clanton Intermediate fundraiser

Published 11:45 pm Saturday, December 13, 2008

After a fundraiser at Clanton Intermediate School, a few students and teachers were recognized for raising the most money.

The two top-selling students were Nathan Martin in second place winning $50 and Kylan Zeigler in first place winning $100.

Each class top seller was given the opportunity to have a little fun while making a little cash. Each class top seller was placed in a money box where they worked on catching flying money.

Fifth grade winner, Christy Hay, who played for her son, Justin Hay won $23; fourth grade winner Mabrey Millard won $14; and third grade winner Gage Minor won $16.

The two top-selling teachers were Joan McGriff and Bray Margo. When placed in the money box, Stacey Henderson, who played for McGriff, won $21 and Margo won $13.