Cranes to migrate over Chilton Tuesday

Published 8:48 pm Monday, December 8, 2008

Operation Migration is scheduled to arrive over Chilton County Tuesday with 14 young whooping cranes led by ultra-light pilots.

This will be the first Whooping Crane migration routed through the State of Alabama as they journey to Florida.

As of Monday, the cranes were in Hardin County, Tenn., and weather permitting they will be departing Tuesday headed our way.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to observe the flyovers of the young cranes and learn the history behind Operation Migration,” Karen Frizzell of the Migratory Bird Field Office said.

Counties included on the route through Alabama are: Franklin, Walker, Chilton, Lowndes and Pike.

As of noon Tuesday, Dec. 9, the cranes were still grounded in Tennessee due to inclement weather, according to Operation Migration’s official Web site, They have thus far accumulated 645 miles on their journey.

“After that summary it is undoubtedly stating the obvious to say that we will be spending a fourth day on the ground in Hardin County, Tennessee,” reporter Liz Condie wrote.