No room in the shelter

Published 9:57 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Drastic times call for drastic measures. You could say that about the economy, but it also applies to the current animal situation in Chilton County.

The Chilton County Humane Society is currently not accepting any drop-offs because, simply put, there is no room for anymore cats or dogs.

That might sound harsh, but every facility has its limitations. And the local animal shelter has already exceeded its limit nearly threefold. As of Monday, there were nearly 200 animals living in a building that was designed for 83.

We support the humane society in their decision to turn away animals. Maybe as a result, a few irresponsible pet owners will see the light.

We can say, “spay and neuter” all we want to, and we can write articles until we’re blue in the face, but that won’t solve our animal problems. A solution cannot be reached until some bigger things are put into place.

City ordinances that require little more than responding to complaints do little to help the situation. We need statewide laws with teeth that can actually provide a way to enforce the number of animals people can have. We also need an effective way of reducing strays in the community.

Spaying and neutering should be an enforced requirement for all pet owners. We have to put a stop to people letting their animals roam the neighborhood only to have babies that will either be euthanized somewhere in a shelter or become road kill.

These animals’ lives are much too valuable to be tossed about with no means of caring for them.

They didn’t ask to be born, and the only voice they have is ours.