Police look into attempted robbery

Published 4:56 pm Friday, November 28, 2008

Police are looking for a suspect who allegedly attempted to rob at gunpoint the Jemison Exxon station near I-65 exit 219 early Thursday morning.

Assistant Police Chief Shane Fulmer said a man entered the convenience store around 3 a.m.

As soon as the clerk noticed the suspect holding a gun, the clerk was able to grab the telephone and run to the back of the store where she hid and called 911.

Jemison Police officer Randall Bice was close to the store and arrived on the scene about 30 seconds after the suspect entered the store.

“The suspect didn’t have time to do anything,” Fulmer said. “Quick thinking by the clerk, immediate dispatch by the 911 dispatcher, and a quick response time by officer Bice prevented the robbery and very well may have prevented a potentially bad situation.”

Fulmer said he believed the suspect saw Bice enter the parking lot, and the suspect was able to elude the scene on foot by exiting at the rear of the store.

Fulmer wants to caution and alert all store clerks, especially at late night stores located at the interstate because all agencies see an increase in these types of crimes.

“Be very observant of not only what’s going on inside the store but out in the parking lot as well. We have been and will continue to provide extra patrol and high police visibility,” Fulmer said.

The identity of the suspect was not known as of midday Friday, but Fulmer said officials will work promptly to identify the suspect.

The Jemison Police Department is investigating the incident.