Black Friday is here

Published 2:00 pm Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today is a day known as Black Friday. Most people know this day because of all the shopping that is happening. Between midnight Friday and midnight Saturday, many stores look as if a concert is taking place within their walls. People will be fighting in parking lots, stealing stuff out of people’s buggies and even cutting in line just to get to the next big deal.

With recent economic changes, people are out looking for bargains to help save money while buying Christmas presents that their family will enjoy. Many popular stores are located outside of Chilton County. Although the deals may be better in some other places, however, buying local items from stores within your own town or city can help the county to provide more for the citizens that live here.

All of the towns run off of business taxes. If there is no business in a certain town, there may not be enough income to support the town and its employees. Without enough income, some people may be forced to lose their jobs.

Many companies have had to cut down on their spending, and that includes releasing workers. Although this economic standing may pass and everything become stable again, that could be many years away, and local citizens may not want to take a chance on losing businesses.

If you have the ability and opportunity to shop locally, then you have the chance to help support your local businesses and local jobs. Plus, by not driving as far away, you are saving money on the gas that it would take to transport you from store to store. The difference could possibly make up for a higher-priced item that you buy locally instead of out-of-town.