Experts urge safety with alcohol

Published 10:22 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For some light holiday drinking can be fun and relaxing. For others having just one drink can cause a scene.

Of course drinking alcohol no matter whether it is a holiday or not is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 but for some even over the age of 21, alcohol can cause severe problems.

“There are people who are able to have a drink and it doesn’t bother them. Then there are people who can’t have anything to drink without getting drunk. It is people with this genetic condition that become addicted to alcohol and can start to abuse it like a drug,” said Dr. William Vance, licensed professional counselor on staff at the Chilton-Shelby Mental Health Center.

For the holidays it is a good idea to maintain a casual drinking routine including, of course, a designated driver.

“Even if you have only had one drink and you feel perfect you can still be a threat on the road. I believe that a casual drink over the holidays while at home enjoying supper would be just fine for most adults,” Vance said.

The Chilton-Shelby Mental Health Center sees many patients who have problems with drinking including alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse. For as long as a person wants to do better for himself or herself the center said they are open to helping with what they can.