Clanton gives approval to club liquor license

Published 10:56 pm Monday, November 24, 2008

Clanton’s Council approved a request for a club license for one person and denied a request for license for another person last night.

The council approved on a 3-2 vote for the city to issue a club liquor license to Tonya Morris. Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver cast the deciding vote, saying he was voting yes on the motion due to the fact that no license would be issued until all requirements are met.

The club will be located on Jackson Avenue and will be operated as a private club with a membership of 225, according to Morris. She said that the memberships would first have to be approved by a board and that membership would cost $1 per year.

The council did not approve issuing a liquor license to Beverly Rodriguez for a proposed club on Logan Road. The council denied the application based on the fact the area was not zoned for a club.

In other council business James Earl Johnson was named to the city’s Housing Authority and Virginia Patterson was hired part time for the Clanton Beautification Department.

Property located at 405 First Avenue was rezoned from R 2 to Office 1. The Clanton Zoning Board had previously approved the zoning change.

Charles Traywick and Harry and Judean Ellison (property owners on Highway 22 West) asked the council to help them with a “litter” problem created on their properties when cotton trucks drive by their homes after unloading cotton at a nearby gin.

Traywick said this has been an annual request for the past 10 years. Council member Mary Mell Smith said she and Driver had been told by the city’s prosecutor after Traywick had made an earlier request that the city could not prosecute those hauling the cotton under the litter law. Traywick said last night he believed he could provide information that would prove otherwise.

Smith said the council had recently appointed David Karn as city prosecutor and was in the process of hiring a new police chief. She asked the property owners to allow the city to have the police chief in place before action is taken on the “littering” request.

The council went into executive session at the end of their public meeting to further discuss the hiring of the person to replace James Henderson who retired as police chief recently.