Sending smiles through the mail

Published 2:38 pm Saturday, November 22, 2008

It is one thing when a soldier gets a letter or care package from a family member or even an adult. When a child sends one, though, there is a whole new form of emotions that a soldier feels.

“It is very special when the children think enough of what we do to take a break and send a note/drawing,” said an Air Force soldier

Kelly Hayes a fourth grade teacher at Jemison Elementary helped her class send soldiers cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of the students in her class were very excited about sending the soldiers letters and a package, and took their time drawing and coloring pictures to place in their packages.

“I wanted to help make the soldiers know how much they are appreciated for being over their fighting for our freedom and stuff,” student Caleb Smith said.

After receiving the kids’ letters, there were some soldiers who wrote the kids back through e-mail to let them know how much they enjoyed getting the packages and letters.

“I always enjoy getting care packages, but for me, letters and cards mean so much more,” said an Air Force soldier.

One Navy soldier said that is gets pretty lonely out there and getting mail, e-mails, packages and anything else really makes a soldier feel special. From their point of view, a letter or package is appreciated.

“I really want to express the depth of appreciation we as service members have for families such as you and yours. The way the world is right now, it is easy to lose focus or to retrain our anger on government or politics or things that we just cannot control, directly,” said a Navy Soldier.

The class is looking forward to touching more lives as they send more letters and drawings to soldiers.