Removing strays is helpful

Published 7:36 pm Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Thorsby Police Department is working toward helping their town by simply picking up stray dogs. Although they do not currently have sufficient equipment to keep the dogs for any length of time, the thought behind the process is the important part.

With little to no funding, the Chilton County Humane Society cannot be on call 24 hours a day. This means that there are many times when concerned citizens may need help with a stray dog that has wondered into their yard.

At the current time, dogs, cats and any other furry creatures can become ill with diseases that can harm a family such as rabies. Through efforts like the Thorsby Police Departments and other departments that have animal control officers, the county may be able to start seeing a drop in the amount of strays. If all of the departments could set up a place to keep pets/strays at least overnight or over a weekend when the humane society is not open, they could help keep the streets safer.

When there are stray animals running around town, there is a greater chance of a driver having a wreck and causing injury to themselves or others. By removing stray animals and holding them until the humane society is open, the police departments could be reducing the risk of wrecks and other dangers including bites. You never know what kind of diseases a stray might have. So it is important to keep them off the streets as much as possible.

Putting them in pens until the Humane Society can pick them up is a good solution. We applaud Thorsby and other departments who are helping keep strays of the streets.