JHS DECA Chapter presents new project

Published 8:44 pm Friday, November 14, 2008

The Jemison High School DECA Chapter has been working for the past few weeks on a special project on entrepreneurship with Jemison fourth graders.

This project is being used to teach fourth graders what being an entrepreneur is, how to become one, and how the operation affects them in everyday life.

“The kids have really shown a lot of promise through the program, and they all seem to be having a lot of fun,” marketing teacher Sandra Cullen said.

The fourth graders who are participating in the project have had to create a business name and an item to sell. This item and business name will be implemented at a school yard sale that is taking place at Jemison High School today.

Each child will have his or her own booth or business and will have to do everything from opening up their booth to selling the items they have chosen to sell to closing and cleaning up at the end.

“The kids have had a lot of fun making up their names and getting everything ready. They really seem to be trying and putting a lot of effort into the project,” Jemison senior and project co-chair Courtney Ellison said.

After the yard sale, the high school DECA chapter will have to complete a 30-page book, which they will be entering into a state competition. The sale is set for today from 7-11 a.m.

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