Jemison stops attempted robbery

Published 8:42 pm Friday, November 14, 2008

JEMISON — Early Friday morning, Sgt. Randy Morris Jr. of the Jemison Police Department made a traffic stop that most likely foiled a car burglary and attempted robbery at the 219 exit in Jemison.

Morris noticed a suspicious person near the pay phone at the Shell Station and a vehicle parked down County Road 42 with two other occupants. Upon investigation, it was discovered these individuals were in possession of a Halloween mask, large screwdriver, latex gloves, a flashlight and other work type gloves. Morris’ investigation revealed that the men’s intention was to steal a car near the Shell station and use that car to rob a local store.

The three male individuals in the car are all early 30s and are from Montgomery, Ala. Their identities are being withheld pending further investigation, and Jemison Police will be pursuing local charges.

“We are notifying all other agencies via a teletype because we believe that they have been successful at this in other cities,” Deputy Chief Shane Fulmer said.

Added Chief Brian Stilwell, “This is a great stop by Sgt. Morris. I am certain he stopped a robbery tonight. Using grant money to patrol the interstate and the businesses around only makes our city safer. The interstate makes Jemison more accessible not only to our residents and visitors, but it also brings those that want to do harm to us.”

Jemison Police investigators will work with other agencies in hope of closing out other robberies.

—from staff reports