Yes, I am complaining about it

Published 7:15 pm Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Phillies are world champions, the Dallas Cowboys need group therapy and the Atlanta Hawks are still trying to convince people they made it to the postseason.

My, things go by so fast when you’re wishing all the hard drives for the BCS computers would fry.

If you believe Texas Tech is the No. 2 team in the country, zombies have sucked out your brain.

Why do I say all this? Because I want to let you know I’m just getting started. My top gripes are front and center this week on “The List.”

4. NL Manager of the Year – Congratulations to Lou Piniella for stealing this award from more deserving men and almost getting away with it. Almost. You’re telling me getting swept in the first round of the postseason with the most stacked team in the NL Central makes Piniella better than, say, Florida’s Fredi Gonzalez? The Marlins were expected to do nothing more than disappear, and they finished seven games above .500. How about Joe Torre, who kept a mediocre team afloat until Manny Ramirez arrived and got to the NLCS? And this guy named Charlie Manuel actually won the World Series.

3. J.J.’s dominance – Will someone please at least make Jimmie Johnson break a sweat while winning? This is ridiculous. He has to finish 35th or better in the final Sprint Cup race of the season to win his third straight title. Honestly, I’m shocked he has to do that much.

2. Kill the revolutionaries – Wait, wrong time for that. I apologize. I’m completely out of line.

1. Explain Notre Dame – I’m not the biggest college basketball expert, so tell me how Notre Dame gets into the top 10 of the preseason rankings? It’s not like they had the Big East coach of the year the past two years. Oh wait, they did? Well, it’s not like they’ve been undefeated at home the past two years. They were? Seriously? Go, Irish!