Seeing life in color

Published 9:25 pm Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recently, I heard a song on the radio that really caught my attention. I would have to say that I was never a country music fan until my son was born, but that is generally where my radio station falls now since that is the only thing that he likes to listen to.

While driving him home the other night, I heard a song called “In Color.” Being the non-country fan that I am, I couldn’t tell you who sings the song. I can tell you that I found the song very true to life.

With the current economic situation, life is becoming dulled and gray. It seems like everything around us is more and more depressing, and that has taken all of the life, light and color away. After hearing “In Color” on the radio, my spirits seemed to be lifted a little, and this morning as I was driving to work, everything seemed to be more colorful than it was the day before.

There may not have been very many cold days to let you know that winter is almost here, but if you look around at the trees then you can see the color that Mother Nature has painted to remind us that time passes and seasons change. Economic situations have been arising and falling all throughout history. They are just like their title situations, which means they will pass and new times will rise.

It may seem hard to make it through right now, but if you make it through today then you can keep adding one more day at a time until everything gets better. As you sit down with your family for dinner tonight look around at all the colorful things in your life and see just how much of your life has turned to gray with worry and stress.

– Ashley McCartney is a news writer for The Clanton Advertiser. Her column appears each Thursday. She can be reached at