I didn’t mind the wait

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 9, 2008

When I arrived at Clanton Library to vote Monday morning at about 7:10, there were already people lined up to vote. In fact my wife, Peggy, and I had to wait a moment or two just to get inside the door.

Driving past Clanton’s Facility Building later, we saw voters standing outside the building all the way up the sidewalk. I was glad to see so many people taking part in the election process.

In past elections, I have been able to drive up to the library, walk right in and vote with no waiting in line. I didn’t have a problem with waiting my turn to vote Tuesday and remember thinking I hope such voter turnout will continue in future elections as well.

When the polls closed Tuesday I was at the Veteran’s Club where I was assigned to collect the voting results for The Clanton Advertiser.

The people who worked the polls there were obviously tired after arriving before 7 a.m. and working 12 hours as part of the election team. I didn’t hear much from them about being tired, but I did hear a lot about how proud they were of the big voter turnout there and apparently throughout the county.

The election officials at the Veteran’s Club were among the many people who worked all day all over Chilton County to help make the voting process easier for all of us. Their dedication and willingness to work hard for little pay should be appreciated by all voters.

I know I appreciate what they do and the professional way they do their appointed tasks.

Thanks are also in order for all the candidates in Tuesday’s election. Their willingness to offer their services to the people of Chilton County means a lot to me during these times when many would rather criticize what is being done than get involved and help bring about solutions to the problem we face.