County leaders showed maturity

Published 10:31 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Editor,

I am thankful to Sheriff Kevin Davis and to our county commissioners for displaying maturity and sensibility in settling the lawsuit.

I have known Kevin Davis all his life and I know Sheriff Davis is a very sensible man and he can work with anybody who is sensible, but Sheriff Davis is strong willed with a compassionate heart.

I am thankful that he will not sit back and allow the people of Chilton County to be neglected nor deprived when he has the power to do what is right for the people.

From knowledge gained from past experience I can’t say that about our commissioners. I just hope in the future we can all learn from our mistakes, if we are going to make mistakes we might as well make the consequences useful.

It takes more than a sheriff and commissioners to make this county a good place to visit and a great place to live.

It takes all the citizens working together under the supervision of the Holy Spirit to produce what is best for the people and who would know better than anyone what is best for the people but the One who created the people.

– Margie McMinn, Maplesville