Alagasco providing weatherization kits

Published 10:17 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alagasco will be providing free weatherization kits to its low income customers.

By installing the kits in their homes, customers will be more prepared for the upcoming winter weather.

These kits are available at the Community Action Agency located at 5 Village Square, Clanton.

“Over the years we have shared with our customers the importance of conservation and how to manage their energy use,” said Alagasco President Dudley Reynolds. “We want to continue providing practical ways for our customers to conserve, reduce their energy costs and become good stewards of our natural resources. Our community partners also play a critical role in providing the kits and valuable information.”

The weatherization kits include caulk, a caulk gun, foam insulation, door sweep, cloth and clear tape, foam weather -stripping, plug outlet and switch gaskets. It does not take a professional to install the weatherization kit items; the items can be installed easily by any adult.

The single biggest factor affecting a customer’s bill continues to be the customer’s individual usage. For years, Alagasco has been encouraging its customers to practice energy conservation.

Using the weatherization kits the company is providing is one way customers can begin a conservation mindset.

Alagasco is the largest natural gas utility in the state, serving 450,000 customers throughout central Alabama.