The other side of the story

Published 11:00 pm Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Editor,

The person that wrote, “Look out for the Magnum,” I thank you, because maybe people will learn to drive and not tailgate.

He was not aware of what started all this. I am a disabled grandfather of twin girls. I also have three kids I am worried about. This is the second time this car has tailgated me.

I am sorry I let her after flying up on me and tailgating me for 2 or 3 miles so close I couldn’t see her headlights make me angry. I am only human.

After tailgating me, she tried to pass and I wouldn’t let her because I was not going to be angry by myself. A garbage truck came upon us. I had slowed down by this time, hoping she would get off of me.

The garbage truck and she started to pass on a double yellow line. I didn’t try to pull over on her while she was passing.

When she got around the garbage truck, she slowed down.

I passed with no traffic coming, and she started tailgating me again. I put on my brakes, hoping she would get off me. When we got to town, I got out of my car and walked up to her car telling her she needs to quit tailgating people. I didn’t hit her car.

At this time, a guy came up telling me I needed to go on. While I was driving off, he kicked my car.

I told the officer what happened when he pulled me over. He didn’t do anything to her but give her the right to carry me to court for reckless driving.

This tailgating problem is going on all over. Police officers will not enforce the law, and people like me are having to suffer because of it.

– Cleveland George, Randolph