New commission is split

Published 11:06 pm Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The new Chilton County Commission elected yesterday will be composed of three Democrats, three Republicans and Tim Mims, an independent candidate who unofficially received the most votes in the 15-man field.

Mims, an incumbent commissioner, left the Democratic Party to run as an independent in Tuesday’s General Election against seven Democratic nominees and seven Republican nominees. An unofficial vote count had Mims receiving 13,985.

The other unofficial winners were Incumbent Bobby Agee (Democrat) 11,683 votes; Incumbent Heedy Hayes, (Democrat) 9,300 votes; M. L. “Red” Turnipseed (Democrat) 7,592 votes; Greg Moore (Republican) 13,122 votes; Incumbent Joe Headley (Republican) 9,769 votes; Allen Caton (Republican) 9,254 votes.

Others receiving votes for the seven county commission votes were Kenneth Allison, 3,734; Rodney Benson, 6.934; Gerald Cost, 4,994; Charles Ellison, 4,438; Carl Mims, 6,086; Richard Mims, 5,969; Wendell Patterson, 4,775, and Doug Price, 4,671.

Maplesville Fire Department poll workers said this year’s elections made for a busy day Tuesday.

At 4 p.m., poll workers Annie Taylor, Janice Hayes, Brenda Jones, Nettie Smith, Mary Anderson and Betty Wells had already assisted 500 voters and had more walking through the door.

“This is the busiest election I have seen in a while. We have not stopped all day,” Hayes said.

Maplesville residents Robert and Phyllis Wilson said this election was very important to them, and they felt they had a duty to place their votes to help in choosing their leaders.

Robert said he had to choose between some good people who were running for the same office, while Phyllis said she voted straight Democratic.

“All the people I knew anything about were on the Democratic side, so that’s where my votes went. I don’t think people can really miss the signs for the candidates that are running, and that means everyone should be familiar with the candidates and their campaigns,” Phyllis said. “I know I spent time finding out things about the people I voted for.”