Take advantage of voting

Published 8:44 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

It’s time to make up our minds about who we will support in Tuesday’s General Election.

I hope you have checked out all the candidates and are ready to participate in the election process by voting.

Many are predicting a large turnout of voters Tuesday and I hope they are right. You have a right to vote and should take advantage of this opportunity to have input into who will lead us the coming four years.

I believe our country is in a period when we will need strong, intelligent leaders who will keep their minds open to new ideas while they work together to preserve what has made our country the leader of the free world.

Locally we will face many challenges the next few years and we need to elect people who understand their role is to serve the public and not their personal agendas. The downturn in the economy at the present will be solved more easily by statesmen and stateswomen than by politicians who put party loyalty and getting reelected ahead of what is good for all Americans.

I’m sure you realize everyone you vote for on Tuesday may not win. Those who win (whether I voted for them or not) will need my support in their effort to govern. And hopefully, those elected will earn my respect going forward by the way they serve and lead.

The people of the world are looking at America today to see how she handles the opportunities before her. Tuesday you can take part in choosing the leaders who will move our county, state and nation forward during tough times.

Please exercise your right and privilege to vote in this very important election Tuesday.