Local School seeing multiples

Published 7:22 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

Many people say that having one child is hard enough. What happens when you have two, three or even four kids at one time.

For twelve lucky mothers at Isabella High School that is just what happened. During this school year Isabella became home to twelve sets of multiples including Andrew and Hunter Smith a set of twins, Dustin and Justin Payton a set of twins, Aaron and Davis Ratliff a set of twins, Brett and Brooke Johnson a set of twins, Harmony and Harley Vessicchio a set of twins, Mary and Ricky Stewart a set of twins, Anniston, Taylor, Thompson and Tanner Payne a set of Quadruplets, Devonte and Kevonte Robinson a set of twins, Jordan and Jarred Campbell a set of twins, Madison and Kaleb Minor a set of twins, Lillian and Ashton Taylor a set of twins and Austin and Destiny Parker a set of twins.

Some of these students have been attending Isabella for a few years however the school has never seen as many as they had this year.

“It seems like a lot for one school to have 12 sets of multiples,” said Pam Bright, office worker. “What is even more amazing is the fact that we have a set of quads.”

The students who have another half or more at school say they enjoy being a multiple. Justin Payton said that he enjoys having his brother there with him all the time and wouldn’t have liked school as much if he hadn’t have had him there.

Out of the twelve sets of multiples four have mothers who work in the school.

County Enrichment Teacher Tammy Price said that she would definitely not drink the water out in Isabella.