Too ‘boo-tiful’ for drugs

Published 11:21 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

The theme for Red Ribbon Week at Clanton Elementary School this year is “Boo-tiful People Don’t Do Drugs.”

This theme sort of incorporates both Red Ribbon Week and Halloween.

A different activity is planned for each day of the week with the children dressing accordingly; however, Tuesday was a favorite for all as the children were allowed to dress as any “boo-tiful” person that they chose. There were rock stars, movie stars and lots of famous folks around the Clanton Elementary campus.

The children have also enjoyed being visited by Charolette Kelley, the school counselor and her best friend, Boobalina, the anti drug witch.

Prizes were awarded throughout the week for children and faculty. Boobalina ended her class visits with a song that shared a strong message in the final verse: So don’t do drugs and you can see, what a great world this will be.