2 arrested for manufacturing meth

Published 11:27 pm Thursday, October 30, 2008

MARS HILL — Two men were arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine in northwestern Chilton County Thursday afternoon.

Authorities arrested Gregory Caudle and Jason Bramlett. Both were charged with first degree manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Caudle also has an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on possession of a controlled substance.

Sheriff Kevin Davis said the Chilton County Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force was conducting a drug investigation at a residence on County Road 122 around 3 p.m. The Sheriff’s Department Special Operations Unit assisted in the surveillance of the residence Thursday afternoon.

Davis said several of the Special Operations Unit’s snipers were watching the residence through their scopes. Authorities witnessed the production of meth at the residence.

During the investigation, the two suspects left the residence and entered the woods where the officers were watching. Some deputies noticed the suspects moving closer, and the officers went to approach the suspects.

One suspect was arrested on the spot while the other fled on foot. With the assistance of the Jemison Police Department, a perimeter was setup around the residence to nearby County Road 38.

A K-9 tracking team from the Department of Corrections in Brent searched that area looking for the other suspect. As the dog team approached the other suspect who was attempting to hide, and he tried to cross County Road 38. It was there that officers arrested the other suspect.

Davis said there was a gunshot fired during the incident, but he believed it wasn’t intended to hit the deputies. A couple of people dressed in camouflage were hunting in the woods near the search. They were not arrested.

“Everyone did a great job responding to a very tense situation,” Davis said.

“We appreciate the great cooperation among the responding departments.”