Sniffing for drugs

Published 9:45 pm Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Chilton County K-9 Team locked down two Chilton County schools yesterday as they preformed random school drug searches.

Verbena High School and Thorsby High School were the two schools searched in yesterday’s surprise visit.

All six K-9’s on the team participated in the search including Sheriff Department Officers Capt. Steve Tate with Mickey D., Sgt. Stephen Brock with Leo, Sgt. Erric Smitherman with Eiko; Clanton Police Department Sgt. Ronald Giles with Winnie; Jemison Police Department Sgt. Ran Morris with Clip; and Maplesville Police Department Officer Corry McCartney with Toska.

“We have these searches because we want to make sure our schools are drug free. If we are going to put the effort into teaching the kids to be drug free, we should do our part to make sure those efforts are being enforced,” Thorsby Principal Russ Bryan said.

Sgt. Tate said he is proud of the dog team and his fellow K-9 officers for putting forth the effort to keep schools clean.

The team is planning to finish their school visits over the next several weeks in random order.

“We want to do what we can to give these kids a better future,” Sgt. Tate said.

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