Obama not the man for the job

Published 2:45 pm Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear editor,

The Tuscaloosa News is entitled to its opinion. I request equal opportunity to express mine.

With national elections approaching, we constantly hear discussions of the economy followed by discussions of heath care, taxation, women’s rights on abortion, the $700 billion bailout, race relations, the war in Iraq, etc., etc. In my opinion, if the horror of 9-11 should be repeated, God forbid, all above issues would pale beside national security.

John McCain does manage occasionally to slip the subject in. Which brings me to ask this question: In the event of another catastrophe such as 9-11, who would you rather have sitting in the White House to decide what our response would be: John McCain with a generational history of military background or Barack Obama with his egotistical sneer and nothing more?

The McCain-Palin ticket is a vote for America the Beautiful and an affirmationof In God We Trust. May He continue to bless this country and our people!

– Anne Crowe Glass, Jemison