Help keep Halloween safe, fun

Published 2:47 pm Saturday, October 25, 2008

More than three decades ago, a young Chilton County resident was killed when he fell from the back of a moving truck while celebrating Halloween. We need to do our part to keep such tragedies from occurring again.

Friday night, thousands of people throughout Chilton County will be on local roadways participating in Halloween activities. As motorists, we must all be aware of the increased traffic in neighborhoods and on highways in an effort to make Halloween activities as safe as they can be in our community.

Children dressed in Halloween costumes will be crossing neighborhood streets Friday night and many times will be more excited about getting to the next house than they are in practicing good roadway safety suggestions. As parents, it is our opportunity to discuss the safety rules with our children and to monitor them when they are going house-to-house for treats.

Some safety suggestions include:

Make sure the child’s costume is fire proof and has large enough eye holes to provide the child good peripheral vision.

Make sure your children carry flashlights and they are instructed in the proper ways to cross roadways at night.

Motorists must drive carefully when driving in neighborhoods where children are darting in and out of cars on their way to a house.

Smaller children should always be accompanied to and from houses by adults.

Homeowners need to make sure walkways used by children to approach their doors are left obstruction free. Porch or other outside lights should be turned on as well.

Following these and other Halloween safety tips can make the holiday safer for everyone. Another safe way to enjoy a safe Halloween night and still have fun is to participate in one of the many carnivals and parties organized by various clubs and churches in the area.

Halloween is a time children of all ages are supposed to have fun. Teaching and practicing good safety suggestions will keep it that way.