Fired AU coordinator considers consulting biz

Published 10:25 am Thursday, October 23, 2008

MOBILE – Fired Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is thinking about getting back into the business side of football.

Franklin was forced to sell his interest in his consulting firm, which instructs coaches on running an offense, when he left Troy for Auburn. But he said he is considering a move back into the business following his firing by Tigers coach Tommy Tuberville.

Speaking in a radio interview and another published Thursday by the Press-Register, Franklin said he remains “befuddled” by what happened at Auburn. He said he worked hard and did his best.

“I’ve removed myself from that situation and moved on,” he said. “I wish the players all the best and hope they have success in their careers.”

Franklin was mostly complimentary of Tuberville, but he said he should have known Tuberville would be more loyal to his long-term assistant coaches than to a new offensive coordinator.

“I’m a history teacher and a history student,” Franklin said. “When you look at the history of this place, coordinators come in, coordinators leave and (the assistants) stay.”

Franklin was fired after the Vanderbilt loss because of Auburn’s struggles with his modified spread offense.

Three days after the Vanderbilt game, Franklin said he gave a passionate “George Patton speech” during a team meeting. Later, during practice, he coached every position on the offense.

Players seemed to respond well and Tuberville told players to support Franklin, Franklin said, but something seemed amiss the next morning and Tuberville fired him later that day.

Franklin said his assertiveness on that Tuesday may have caused hurt feelings on the staff.

“They might have even thought I’d gone off the deep end,” he said.