J-HOP needs new bleachers

Published 10:09 pm Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As the second largest high school in the county, Jemison deserves top-notch facilities for all its students. Of course, the school’s purpose is academics, but athletics play a role also.

Sports allow students to keep a healthy body along with a healthy mind and teach students important lessons. Football, especially, helps bring students and the community together for a common cause, and it looks like these people might be getting a new seat for that togetherness.

The county Board of Education on Tuesday granted Jemison High School permission to form a committee that will research and seek financing for new stadium bleachers.

We’re sure Jemison alumni will be willing to help with this project, which is worthwhile. The Panther Stadium bleachers were built the 1960s and are showing age. Jemison students and fans deserve some new seats.