Recovery is a slow process

Published 5:36 pm Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It is interesting to see just how people respond to situations in life – good or bad. Working in the news business, we only really get to see people that are in a high point or a low point. Rarely do we ever see people that are in between the peaks and valleys.

We rarely ever get to see how people deal with life after a major success, and we don’t often see the process of how someone gets to that level of success. Now, I am getting a firsthand look at the in-between process. And it goes back to when my sister and her husband were seriously injured in a car wreck almost two months ago.

I got to see them in the emergency room at the hospital the night of the crash, and then I have seen them very regularly ever since the crash. The good news is they are doing a whole lot better. I had to help them go to the doctor in Birmingham on Monday to get them checked out by their doctor.

My sister’s wrist has completely healed, and her leg and hip are doing much better. My brother-in-law has one leg completely healed, and his other is in great shape considering the injury he had.

That is great news, and now the recovery process is going full force. My sister has a jump on her husband because she was able to start some physical therapy shortly after the wreck. Now, he is beginning his physical therapy as they both begin to learn how to walk again.

When injuries like theirs happen, you don’t just immediately get back to walking the moment the bone has healed. It takes a long process. It starts by getting up and standing up. Then, you have to hop around on walkers before you can start putting one foot in front of the other. You have to take a few more baby steps every day before you can get back to walking a mile.

Falls are going to happen along the way, but you must be willing to get back up.

What this has taught me is that it takes time to recover anytime you are seriously hurt – whether physically or emotionally. Taking baby steps is what gets you back to normal.