It is now time to prepare

Published 12:14 am Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are only two weeks and two days away from the 2008 Election, and all of the presidential debates are concluded between the top two candidates – John McCain and Barack Obama. According to the poll numbers, it appears that Obama has come out of the debates as the leaders.

Although the poll numbers are indicating this trend, it is still important for everyone to decide for himself or herself instead of just voting for the person who appears to be leading. We still have 16 days to learn all we can about our leaders.

Not only do we have these presidential races, but also there are numerous state and local offices up for grabs. Here in Chilton County, we have to select our new commission along with the future tax assessor. In all, we have 17 candidates who are vying for your votes.

In Alabama, we have several court races that we are voting on. Many of these candidates are running television and some print advertising. Some what is being said in the advertising is correct, but then there is some advertising that is incorrect. It is important that we all find out the facts, and The Clanton Advertiser will help you with that information.

In the next couple of weeks, we will have several stories about the upcoming election to help voters prepare to go to the polls Nov. 4. Some of those stories include reminders for when the deadline to register to vote is, which is this Friday. Others will focus on absentee voting, and then there will be stories about each specific race.

We hope that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for Election Day.