Top things, unfair things about this October

Published 8:42 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OK, people, let’s have a conversation, a Bernie Mac moment, if you will.

Most of you read my columns often and know me pretty well.

It shouldn’t be that tough of a guess as to what I’m going to write about.

The Red Sox (sniff) are one game away from elimination in the American League Championship Series.

The Tampa Bay Rays (sniff, sniff) are the team that’s about ready to pull plug.

I love the Red Sox. I also (sniff, sniff, pout) also happen to like the Rays, although not as romantically as I do the Sox.

So I ask you this: Whyyyyyyyyyyy???!!!!!

Why, you cursed, inexperienced team with a roster laden with baby-faced first-round draft picks? Why do you have to ruin my perfect October?

Why couldn’t you have fought the good fight, lost in six – even seven games – and gone home with more knowledge and a “We’ll get ‘em next year” attitude?”

You had to do this. You just had to, didn’t you? Yes, I realize it isn’t over for the Red Sox – mathematically. I do remember 2004 and the colossal Yankees meltdown.

But have you been watching this series? The Rays have less money, less pressure and more talent than any Yankees team in almost a decade. That’s including post-Alex Rodriguez.

So there’s pretty much nothing you can say to console me. Oooh, somebody’s selling ice cream sandwiches, three for a dollar. All right!

Anyway, back to “The List …”

Manny not being Manny – I think it’s wonderful that Manny Ramirez is so happy these days. I think it’s great that he’s hitting lights out. I thank God for the miracle that allowed him to get all healed up and start running out ground balls – the minute after he got traded away from Boston. Not that Jason Bay is a bad guy to have.

Corny commercials – I remembers when promo ads for postseason baseball used to be entertaining. They made you want to watch. What do we have now? Some guy behind a computer writing his postseason script. Pardon me while I laugh at the corn factor.

No Yankees – It sounds strange, I know, but I barely know what postseason baseball is without New York. Watching them win used to feel normal. Then watching them lose felt far more exhilarating. Does this mean A-Rod and Derek Jeter won’t be friends anymore?