Swedish Fest winners announced

Published 8:28 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The winners of last week’s Swedish Fest pageant were the following for each division.

Baby Miss

4th Alternate – Olivia Faith Gilliland; 3rd Alternate and Photogenic Winner – Alexa Grace Deavers; 2nd Alternate – Emma Grace Penley; 1st Alternate – Kylee Renee Connell; Queen – Caitlyn Varden

Tiniest Miss

4th Alternate – Isabella Ruth Gilliland; 3rd Alternate and Photogenic Winner – Ivie Hope Littleton; 2nd Alternate – Carlie Louis Hill; 1st Alternate – Joanna Lynn Landrum; Queen – Halle Alyssa Sullivan

Tiny Miss

Photogenic Winner – Maddy Barrington; 4th Alternate – Stella Lorynn Bice; 3rd Alternate – Emily Fricke; 2nd Alternate – Lydia Patterson; 1st Alternate – Grace Nolen; Queen – Elizabeth Alstott

Little Miss

Photogenic Winner – Meghan Jackson; 4th alternate – Addison Minor; 3rd Alternate – Sara Nolen; 2nd Alternate – Megan Elizabeth Black; 1st Alternate – Abbi Brianna Knight; Queen – Madison Gunn

Young Miss

4th Alternate and Photogenic Winner – Tayler Mazingo; 3rd ALternate – Carmen Headley; 2nd Alternate – Elizabeth Ray; 1st Alternate – Katie Adkins; Queen – Marissa Marrero

Junior Miss

4th Alternate and Photogenic Winner – Makenzie Ray; 3rd Alternate – Kristen Robbins

2nd Alternate – Hope Tate

1st Alternate – Britnee Thompson

Queen – Linlee Karn


4th Alternate – Natasha Vines; 3rd Alternate – Lauren Guy; 2nd Alternate and Photogenic Winner – Ashley Garrett; 1st Alternate – Kayla Posey; Queen – Hillary Cleckler