Billingsley clinches playoff berth

Published 12:31 am Saturday, October 11, 2008

THOMASTON – There was little to celebrate on the field for A.L. Johnson’s homecoming, except maybe the homecoming ceremony itself. What was supposed to be to be an interesting Class A Region 3 showdown between A.L. Johnson and Billingsley turned into a grueling lopsided game where nothing seemed to go right for the Eagles.

For A.L. Johnson (3-4 overall, 3-3 Class 1A Region 3) and head coach Mose Jones this was their first homecoming loss in seven years. Billingsley earned a playoff berth by dominating the contest, scoring on two separate 80-yard runs while their defense effectively shut down the running game the Eagles had relied upon so effectively last year.

“It’s been a tough,” Jones said. “We went from a winning season last year and 2-0 to start the season off to 3-4. We have a lack of leadership and just simply are not able to get the ball rolling.”

The game started out in terrible fashion for A.L. Johnson. Billingsley (5-2 overall and in Class 1A Region 3) easily drove down to the Eagles’ 24-yard line on their third play of the game and then took the ball into the end one with a 24-yard run by Jamar Hopson. A successful two-point attempt gave A.L. Johnson an 8-0 deficit before they even had a chance to make a down.

Billingsley would again find the end zone against the Eagles with another run by Hopson, this time an 80-yard dash with 9:19 left in the second quarter. A successful field goal brought the score to 15-0.

The Eagles quickly turned the ball over again on downs giving Billingsly another chance to score, which they took full advantage. This time, Jerome Tyus ran the ball from a 70 yard touchdown pass from #10 with 4:07 left to play in the half. The field goal attempt by Hopson was good, bringing the score to 22-0.

In the series by A.L. Johnson, Kejuan McGhee threw intercepted pass intended for Ronzell Henton. It was caught by Billingsly’s Donte Vinson, who ran it in for a touchdown. The extra point by Hopson was good, brining the score to 29-0.

The only scoring drive for the Eagles ended with only four second left in the half, DeAndre Langhorne pushed into the end zone from one yard out. The two-point conversion failed making the half-time total 29-6.

In the third quarter, Hopson again ran 80 yards with 7:05 left. A two point attempt was successful brining the score to 37-6.

Billingsley continued the onslaught with an additional scoring drive in the fourth with a 13 yard touchdown run by quarterback Mario Reese and successful PAT to ring the final score to 45-6.

Hopson ran for 178 yards and three touchdowns on five carries, and Tim Simon added 126 yards on nine carries.