Tour bus stops in Clanton

Published 10:05 pm Friday, October 10, 2008

Residents in Clanton got an opportunity to meet several state candidates from the Republican Party as its Hometown Connection tour bus made a stop at the Chilton County Courthouse.

On board the bus were Supreme Court candidate Greg Shaw, Court of Civil Appeals Judge Bill Thompson, Public Service Commission president candidate Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh and Court of Criminal Appeals candidates Beth Kellum and Mary Windom.

The bus is making stops around the state in all 67 counties over a five-week period.

Since there is only 24 days until the election, the candidates are trying not only to visit the major metropolitan areas but also include small towns like Clanton.

“One vote in Clanton means the same as it does in Birmingham or Montgomery,” Kellum said.

Thompson said these last few days before the election are like an interview.

“This is the chance where the people of Alabama get to know [the candidates] and make their decision,” he said.

The bus will continue making stops across the state until Tuesday.

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