Football fun when no traffic involved

Published 1:32 pm Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love football. I am not ashamed to say I am addicted to watching it either from the sidelines on Friday nights or on television during the college football season. I’ve been known to switch back and forth between two games on television, trying to catch as many games as I can.

Due to the hassle of getting to and from college stadiums, I have ceased going to games over the past few years. Besides, it is much easier and less expensive for me to watch Alabama and Auburn play on television.

Driving on game days in college towns is not one of my favorite things. I promised myself I would avoid college towns and their associated traffic during game days.

I had to break my promise last Saturday night following the Auburn-LSU football game in Auburn. I didn’t attend the game but received a call from my son, Shane, asking me to drive to Auburn and give him and his group a ride home.

Someone cut two of his tires, leaving him without transportation. In fact, two or more tires were cut on approximately 20 cars in the area where his vehicle was parked.

My trip to Auburn late Saturday enlightened me about another college football fact.

It is easier to drive away from a college stadium after a game than it is to drive to a stadium after a game.

Getting to them took approximately 90 minutes longer than it would have on a non game day, and policemen at the scene of the knifing told me I was lucky it only took 90 more minutes to reach them.

Traveling back home at 2 a.m. Saturday, I once again made myself a promise to avoid college towns immediately before and after football games. I hope the promise sticks this time.