New traffic light going up on Lay Dam Road

Published 11:44 pm Friday, September 26, 2008

Drivers who travel Lay Dam Road in Clanton on a daily basis will have to adjust their driving habits around Ollie Avenue soon.

The Alabama Department of Transportation has begun installing a new traffic light at the dangerous intersection. So far, workers have installed the street light posts at the corners of the intersection, and workers installed the signal’s computer box yesterday.

ALDOT is installing the traffic light is because Lay Dam Road, also known as Alabama Highway 145, is a state-maintained road.

Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver said ALDOT will also put in flashing warning lights to help drivers realize the new signal has been installed and because there is a curve just before the intersection traveling northbound.

“Everyone is going to have to adjust to the new light,” Driver said. “Some might be a little gun-shy when they pull out because they won’t know whether the other drivers realize there is a traffic light there.”

Driver doesn’t know exactly how long it will be before the light is fully functional, but the project should be completed soon.

This intersection has been one of the city’s most dangerous areas. At least one person has died in a crash at Lay Dam Road and Ollie Avenue.

This crossroads is not the only trouble spot in the city. City leaders have agreed to pay for studies to be done on Highway 145 at the intersection of Friendship Road and on Highway 31 at the intersection of Temple Road.

“I’m not sure whether they have been completed, but we have requested that the state look at these areas to see if any improvements can be made,” Driver said. “We’re glad to see this new traffic light go up. We hope it helps make the road safer.”