Top things I just can’t believe

Published 3:45 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I want to congratulate the Auburn Tigers and Mississippi State Bulldogs for their attempt to combine baseball and football into one glorious, experimental game.

In the same breath, I shame them both for blowing all but two chances to come out on top of their contest Saturday night in Starkville.

Those two chances? A Wes Byrum field goal that turned out to be the difference in a 3-2 win and a safety that came only because Auburn was called for holding in the end zone in the fourth quarter.

And I still can’t believe people want to call this game “great” and “epic.” Uhhh, no.

Reality check: The Bulldogs still haven’t gotten past the inferiority caused by a program that was poorly run before Sylvester Croom arrived, and Tony Franklin’s offense at Auburn has been downright schizophrenic so far this season.

But it was still an entertaining game. I’d put it on a loop and watch it all day if I had that much time and popcorn.

In addition to the things that I can’t believe are … well, you’ll just have to keep reading, won’t you?

Burning Rays – I’m writing this eight hours before Tampa Bay and Boston play for the final time this season Wednesday night, so the two may very well be tied atop the AL East, or the Rays may have a two-game lead. Surprisingly, I’m not disappointed by either scenario and for two reasons. First, Boston is a virtual lock for the postseason either by winning the division or Wild Card, and the Yankees are all but eliminated. Second, I’m thrilled for the Rays. I actually thought two years ago they were a Wild Card contender because they had the game’s most undervalued commodity – speed. Seeing one team I openly cheer for and another I’ve secretly supported for a long time will make my October.

Dems vs. GOP – Has the fighting between these two always been this nasty? Really? Sniff, sniff. I’m thinking no holds barred cage match. Winner takes the White House and a row of teeth as bounty. And a really, really tall trophy.

Tide getting no respect – Why is no one talking about an SEC title yet? Yeah, it’s early, but they look gooooood. Like, beat you down then take your watch good. I was highly skeptical of their ability to pull all that talent in the same direction before the season started, but this team has more than answered that question.