Plenty of positives to focus on

Published 7:44 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With the outlook from Wall Street appearing grimmer by the day and panicked drivers stocking up on gasoline (imagine the classic horror movie scene of a woman screaming as she is overtaken with terror), there is plenty of bad news to focus on these days.

But worrying gets us nothing beside gray hair and high blood pressure, so let’s focus on some positive developments over the last few days.

First, the Chilton County Board of Education did something smart during the process of approving a $72 million budget for the 2008-09 fiscal year. Anticipating possible proration cuts by the state, the Board decided to include a $1 million windfall in the budget. Smart move.

It’s good to see that the board members are considering every factor that goes into making a budget. That type of judgment undoubtedly leaks over into other decisions, also.

More good news on Wednesday came from state AAA officials. Organization spokesman Clay Ingram said there is no shortage of gas in the state, though the rumor of such a shortage is causing prices to rise and some stations to run out of gas.

“Because of panic buying, almost every gas station in the state is in need of being restocked,” Ingram said. “They are all screaming for gas.” For this one, imagine the classic horror movie scene in which the hero has fallen to the ground while running from the monster and scrambles backward as the menace approaches.

Ingram said the situation should improve as wholesalers restock gas station tanks and as refineries on the Louisiana and Texas coasts resume production.

So, maybe the masked man with the chainsaw that was chasing us around the woods was only a dream.