Goat nabbed after getting loose in Clanton

Published 9:09 pm Monday, September 15, 2008

A goat that ran through Clanton on Friday was caught and taken to the Chilton County Humane Society.

Clanton animal control officer Chris Whittle said he first received a call that a goat was running loose on Lay Dam Road. He first made contact with the animal on Jones Street.

When Whittle first tried to trap the animal, the goat decided to run. He ran down Second Avenue South, went through parking lots at a bank and the Clanton Police Department before crossing Highway 31. Whittle tackled the goat behind Advanced Auto Parts just past the railroad tracks.

This was the first goat that Whittle has had to catch during his tenure in Clanton.

“I’ve been called out for snakes before, but this was my first goat,” he said. “It was fun.”