Be sure to visit us on the Web

Published 12:37 am Sunday, September 7, 2008

The opportunity for visitors to our Web site,, to post comments about events that are recorded in articles and pictures that appear on the site daily is being used by many to express their thoughts, beliefs and concerns. I log onto the site several times daily and like reading the comments.

The comments are located at the bottom the stories in the order in which they were posted. Many times a person will post a comment about a comment posted by another visitor. In some cases the comments bring to light ideas and information not present in the published story.

The next time you visit, click on a story and scroll down to the bottom to see if comments have been posted about the story or its subject matter. The comments add another dimension to the coverage of the event and will allow you to read the views of people who are not on The Clanton Advertiser’s staff.

Instructions on how to post a comment is at the bottom of every story page and are easy to follow. You have to sign up to make a comment but there is no charge to do so.

The rules for content of comments can be read at Our staff checks the comments regularly and has deleted comments that did not meet the rules.

While we want our readers to have the opportunity to freely make comments, we reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments.

Our all-picture site,, is attracting new viewers daily. This past week’s pictures of the Chilton County High School-Jemison High School football game has recorded more than 8,000 page views to date. Stephen Dawkins, sports editor for The Clanton Advertiser, took more than 100 pictures at the game. All the photographs are published on the site.

You can also reach the “spotted” site from by clicking the word “spotted” on the index on the home page.

I hope you will take a few minutes today to go to our Web site, catch up on comments being made by your friends and take a look at all the additional photographs of local events that can be found only on “spotted,”

You might even want to share some of your views through comments about current events. It’s fun. Give it a try.

– Mike Kelley is the publisher of The Clanton Advertiser. His column appears on Sundays. He can be reached at