Cities certify results from elections

Published 10:36 pm Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yesterday was the day that the city councils certified the vote counts from their elections.

Clanton, Thorsby and Maplesville’s councils competed their official count of votes recorded in last Tuesday’s municipal elections. Jemison certified its election Friday.

Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver, council members Elizabeth Hill, Mary Mell Smith, Robert Easterling and City Clerk Debbie Orange were present for Clanton’s certification.

In the race for mayor incumbent Billy Joe Driver received 1,317 votes (includes 199 absentee votes and three provisional votes) to win the election without a run-off. Councilmember Ann Baker received 1,123 votes (includes 144 absentee and one provisional votes) and Ralph Payton polled 38 votes (includes two absentee votes).

Jeffery Price and Councilman Ronnie Porter are in a run off for the Ward 1 seat. Price received 304 total votes; Porter received 189 total votes; Jarrad Bates received 90 total votes; Bill Neussl received 122 total votes and Kendra Williams received 49 votes.

Bobby Cook polled 261 total votes to win the Ward 2 council seat without a run-off. Vann Smith received 120 total votes and Mark Knight received 88 votes in the Ward 2 election.

Councilmember Bobby Easterling defeated Sammy Wilson for the Ward 3 council seat. Easterling had 257 total votes and Wilson polled 243 total votes.

Greg DeJarnett and William Trimble are in a run-off for the Ward 4 seat on the city council. DeJarnett received 125 total votes; Trimble received 110 total votes; Annie Varner received 46 total votes and Juanita Parker received 33 votes in the Ward 4 race.

Councilmember Mary Mell Smith defeated Paul Brooks for the Ward 5 seat on the council. Smith officially polled 369 votes and Brooks recorded 61 total votes.

In Thorsby, Jemison and Maplesville, there was no change in the election results released last week.

The run-off elections for the Ward 1 and Ward 4 seats on the city council will be held Oct. 7.

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