7 arrested in Clanton drug bust Monday

Published 11:27 pm Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Six adults and one juvenile are facing drug charges after Clanton Police found a large amount of marijuana, crack stones and drug paraphernalia at a home in West End Monday night.

The suspects arrested are 43-year-old Joe Matthew Chapman of Clanton, 27-year-old Jermaine Lamont White of Clanton, 21-year-old Darius Houston of Maplesville, 23-year-old Bryan K. Gibbons of Clanton, 22-year-old James Marquise Worthy of Clanton, 21-year-old Theronald Tyrell Maul of Clanton and a 16-year-old juvenile, whose name was not released.

All the suspects are facing charges of felony unlawful possession of marijuana, felony unlawful possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The arrests were made after police were called to the 300th block of Smith Street in West End for the possibility of drug and gambling activity.

Clanton Police Officers Ronald Giles, Donald Giles, Jason Harris and shift supervisor Sgt. Elijah Bearden responded to the scene and uncovered 49 small bags of marijuana, more than 30 crack rocks and drug paraphernalia including crack pipes. The officers then took the suspects into custody.

Clanton Police Chief James Henderson said his department had received several complaints from neighbors about this residence, and officers had been watching the residence for a while.

“The officers did a really great job and were very observant,” Henderson said. “We’re going to continue to investigate drugs, and we’re going to continue to put people in jail for it.”

If the suspects are convicted, each felony charge carries a sentence of one to 10 years in prison.

– Brent Maze can be reached at brent.maze@clantonadvertiser.com.