Land transactions for Aug. 24

Published 4:01 pm Saturday, August 23, 2008

Billy Scurlock to Ronald H. Oliver Jr. and Kimberly D. Oliver, land located in Section 18, Township 24, Range 13.

CitiMortgage, Inc. to Tamera Cuthbert, land located in Section 26, Township 23, Range 12.

Allen Scarbrough and Traci Scarbrough to Amy Taylor, land located in Section 2, Township 20, Range 13.

Arthur Joe Hubbard to Christopher W. Knight and Sonya J. Knight, land located in Lot 21 of Country Meadows.

Terry J. Roy and Debra G. Roy to Floyd Roy, land located in Lot 2 of High Forest subdivision.

Tony H. Basseghi and Grady Caton to Betty Ward and Susanna Murphy, land located in Lot 2 of Park Place Subdivision in the Town of Jemison.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Eugene B. St. Cyr, land located in Lot 4, Block 1 of the Mims Estates Addition to the City of Clanton.

Judy Simpson to Thorsby Properties, LLC, land located in Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8; Block 1 of the Town of Thorsby.

James L. Melton and Mary Nell Melton to Christopher Dale Smitherman and Jill Smitherman, land located in Section 4, Township 21, Range 14.

John H. Marcus and Maude Hayes to Robert John Grasse and Bertha Grasse, land located in Section 6, Township 22, Range 14.

Veronica DeLoach to Shanon Hamilton, land located in Lot 10 of High Forrest Subdivision.

Darryl Joseph Guidry and Misti Guidry to Chilton County, Alabama, land located at the intersection of Crowson Avenue and Jackson Street.

Kenneth J. Sides, Cathy L. Coble and Joyce L. Reed to Donald C. Rush, land located in Section 3, Township 23, Range 13.

Christopher W. Knight and Jill Knight to Christopher W. Knight and Jill Knight, land located in Section 4, Township 22, Range 14.

Burnis M. Griffith to Ellis Service Corp., land located in Lot 1 of Westwood Estates Subdivision.

D&M Enterprises, LLC to Teresa Vanderslice and Danny W. Smith, land located in Lot 7, Block B in the Leslie Addition to the Town of Thorsby.

Charles Donald Lockridge and Sandra F. Lockridge to Christopher D. Montalbano and Rebecca Montalbano, land located in Section 9, Township 21, Range 15.

Grady Braxton Gibson and Linda Gibson to Jason Moatts, land located in Section 29, Township 22, Range 15.

Larry G. McCormick and Nina G. McCormick to Russell B. Owens and Rebecca G. Owens, land located in Lot 11 of Riverview Place.

Lloyd Smith to Wanda Lamell Smith, Rebecca Mims and Loretta Dill, land located in Section 16, Township 23 Range 13.

Douglas Bradford and Ivan Bradford to Douglas Bradford and Ivan Bradford, land located in Lots 1 and 2, Block 1 of Lakeview Heights Addition to the City of Clanton.

Eddie Charles Langston and Rebecca D. Logan to Kimberly M. Heath and Eddie Charles Langston, land located in Lot 4, Block 2 in W.A. Crowson’s Glendale Addition to the City of Clanton.

Regions Mortgage to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, land located in Section 15, Township 23 Range 14.

William Jesse Knighten and Diane LaRose to Diane LaRose Knighten, land located in Section 6, Township 21, Range 14.

Estate of R.P. Maners to Andrew Blake Maddox, land located in Section 35, Township 22, Range 14.

Alton L. Hall and Stacey L. Hall to Ronald S. Sibert and Dianne B. Sibert, land located in Lot 7 of Heritage Hills Subdivision.