There is no one perfect

Published 10:44 pm Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dear Editor,

In reply to a comment posted on Aug. 5 regarding the letter “Pleasing the People,” where the city limits end and begin is not my concern. I am concerned about people sharing equal rights and priviledges – no matter which side of the limit sign they live on especially the coverage of law enforcement, and I am concerned about the health and welfare of our law enforcement officials.

I live in a beautiful, rural area, but I am blessed in the city and in the fields. I am blessed going in and going out.

When I am in the City of Clanton, I can see the beauty of the work of God’s wisdom and knowledge that has been applied to God-given ability. Inside the Clanton city limits, i enjoy the work of employees in the parks and along the city streets, and Clanton City Hall is a beautiful building. I think the City of Clanton is a beautiful little city, and Maplesville, Thorsby and Jemison are blessed with some beauty.

As for the people, I might not agree with all the people all the time. I might not like some things some people do. I might disagree with the way people do things, but when you go to vote on election day, if you don’t see Jesus’ name on the ballot sheet, then you will not and cannot find a perfect person to vote for – for any position. If I can find one that is not ashamed to call Jesus Lord, then that is the best one for now, even with imperfections.

Margie McMinn, Maplesville