Junior Miss practice begins today

Published 11:03 pm Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last year, there were four girls from the county that showed off talents to win Junior Miss, a scholarship program.

This year the Junior Miss Program is set to take place on Sept. 14.

Practice for the program will begin on today at 2 p.m. at Chilton County High School. Today is also the last day of registration for the program and anyone registering during that time must attend the practice at 2 p.m.

The winner of the program is awarded a scholarship to the school of their choice. Last year’s winner Jessica Edwards received a $4,000 scholarship and will be awarding this year’s winner with her medal.

“Any senior in the Chilton County school system is eligible to take part in the program. Young women have only one chance to participate in the Junior Miss programs, their senior year in high school,” Program Director Gwen Davis said.

Founded in 1957, this scholarship program is now the oldest and largest scholarship program for high school seniors in the United States.

The Junior Miss Scholarship Program is set up in five different evaluations, which the girls are graded on.

Each evaluation is worth a certain percentage of their overall score including 25 percent for their one-on-one interview with the judges, 25 percent for their talent, 20 percent for their scholastics, 15 percent for their poise and 15 percent for their fitness.

During the program the girls are judged on their abilities instead of their looks, making Junior Miss a scholarship program instead of a pageant, although the girls will still perform like they are in a pageant.

The winner is not crowned queen but instead receives a medal and then given the opportunity to take part in the State Junior Miss Scholarship Program.

If anyone is interested in joining the pageant this year, they should contact Davis at 755-6456.