Check out the changes

Published 10:45 pm Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wow! Have you noticed the new look to your Clanton Advertiser?

Our editorial staff has worked for some time to create the new, more modern way to present to you our daily news report. I really like the changes and appreciate the work of our news team.

The new format makes the news report more user friendly and, I believe, entertaining. The new format contains all the local news you have come to expect daily but it has been presented in a more attractive way.

I hope you enjoy reading today’s edition as much as I will and let the people in our newsroom know how you like the new look.

Included in today’s edition is our annual Faces and Places magazine. I already know you are going to enjoy the 68-page look at Chilton County and its people.

The magazine is filled with stories and pictures from throughout Chilton County. It contains articles and pictures about places in Chilton County such as the newly renovated Minooka Park and people stories like Ada Ruth Huntley who is one of the state’s best eight year old tennis players. There are stories about old train stations and a collection of Legos you won’t believe, an ancient Indian bow and a story about remote flying airplanes that are much more than the toys we had as children.

Faces and Places is the largest magazine we have published to date and it is certainly the most colorful. The magazine will be placed in Welcome Stations across Alabama for others to pick up and read about our county.

More than 100 individuals, businesses and industries in the Chilton County Area helped us bring this keepsake magazine to you. I hope you will set aside plenty of time to read through the articles and advertisements in Faces and Places.

You never know, your face or place might just be in the edition.