Something’s wrong with King

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dear Editor, The Advertiser,

Would someone please explain to me what Attorney General Troy King is doing? Has he lost his mind? I just read in the June 29 edition of The Clanton Advertiser that he used his appointment authority to boost the salaries of some of his top aides and at least one of those has no legal experience.

One went from being an unpaid summer intern to a chief aide making $57,000 yearly, another got a $30K boost after taking a leave of absence to manage King’s campaign and still another was designated a paralegal and went from $94K to $104K a year.

King spokesman Chris Bence, the guy now making $104K, also serves as King’s chief of staff.

He has no legal experience or training. You know, I feel like the people who have abused and mis-used our tax money will pay someday and it may not be in this life. Being honest and upright has taken a back seat to “fill my pockets with as much as I can get and I don’t care who I step on to get it.”

It will be 30 degrees below zero in Miami Beach before I’ll vote for Troy King or anyone associated with him. Mr. King’s actions may not be against the law but that doesn’t make it right either.

– Roger Mims