Council working with Historic Society on Town Homecoming

Published 10:03 pm Monday, August 11, 2008

The Maplesville Town Council met with several visitors during last nights meeting. Among the visitors were a representative for Mears Motor Leasing, Joel Atchison from the Maplesville Historical Society and also many residents who visited the council for a common complaint.

During the meeting the council approved the Maplesville Historical Society to be in charge of preparations for a Town Homecoming celebration, which the town has yet to set a date for. The Historical Society is hoping that the Town Homecoming celebration can be used to aid in the spread of Maplesville history while residents are given the opportunity to have fun and communicate with one another.

At this time the council has decided to investigate the complaint from the Maplesville residents by holding a special called meeting on Aug. 19 where they will further discuss the action they feel is necessary to take.

In other business the council:

Approved the Maplesville Fire and Rescue Department to sign a Fire Truck Grant application.

Approved to rescind a resolution for Refund of Gasoline & Motor Fuel Excise Taxes for Agricultural Purposes that they approved at the last council meeting.

Approved William Hayes as a new employee of the Garbage Department.

Approved to be part of the AEMA Mutual Aid Agreement in Chilton County, which states that each town or city within the county must be on call in case one section of the county was to be involved in a natural disaster. Under the agreement each city or town agrees to send all available help to the part of the county that is undergoing disaster hardship.

Approved Hull and Russell for Audit ending on Sept. 30.

Agreed to talk to Peach Tree Bank about a land transaction offer. The land in question is the parking lot located on Main Street in Mapesville. The land transaction would give the residents of Maplesville a safer place to park while shopping in town, conducting business in the Town Hall or visiting the Town Library.

Approved to give employees working with the town a choice to switch their current insurance over to Blue Cross Blue Shield.