Who has your support?

Published 8:10 pm Saturday, August 9, 2008

Those of us who live within the town limits of Jemison, Clanton, Thorsby and Maplesville have until August 26 to determine who we will support in this year’s municipal elections.

The candidates are:

Jemison: For Mayor-Eddie Reed, Kenneth Ray, Wayne Caton and Brian Jackson. Council Place One-Raymond Ellison and George Brasher, Council Place Three- Robert Morris and Junior Robinson. Running unopposed are Council Place 2-Danny Robinson, Council Place 4-Faye King, Council Place Five-Sam Reed.

Clanton: For Mayor-Billy Joe Driver, Ann Baker and Ralph Payton. Council Ward One-Ronnie Porter, Jarrad Bates, Bill Neussl and Jeff Price, Council Ward Two- Bobby Cook, Vann Smith and Mark Knight, Council Ward Three-Bobby Easterling and Sammy Wilson, Council Ward 4- Greg DeJarnett, Annie Winters Varner, Juanita Parker and William Trimble, Council Ward Five-Mary Mel Smith and Paul Brooks.

Thorsby: For Mayor-Tom Bentley, Tracia Bussey and Dearl Hilyer. Council Place Four- James Shropshire and Harry Adkins, Council Place Five-Jack Allen and Tara Jewel. Running unopposed are Council Place One-Neil Benson, Council Place Two-Jean Nelson and Council Place Three-Willis Britt.

Maplesville: For Mayor-W.C. Hayes and Kurt Wallace. Running unopposed for city council are Council District One-John Caudle, Council District Two-Mike Bearden, Council District Three-Aubrey Latham, Council District Four-Ray Mitchell and Council District Five-Jim Threadgill.

I hope you will take the time to go over the list above, determine who wants to represent your ward, district or place on your town council, learn what you can about what kind of a job they will do representing you and then plan to vote September 26 for the candidate you believe is most qualified. Then, do the same for the candidates for mayor.

I believe municipal elections are the most important elections in which we can participate. Unfortunately, past history tells us fewer people participate (as a percentage) than participate in county-state and national elections.

The people we elect on August 26 will decide how much we will pay for water, garbage collection, which streets in our communities will be resurfaced, how much sales tax we will pay, how much we will pay for business licenses and much, much more. And, all of the above items are determined without the need for a vote of approval from residents.

Those who run our city governments have a more direct impact on our daily lives than do the governors and Presidents we elect. It’s a fact.

Vote Tuesday, August 26, and be part of the municipal election process.

The outcome of the election will certainly have an affect on our lives during the coming four years.

.Note: Mike Kelley is the publisher of The Clanton Advertiser. His column appears on Sundays.