Remember your Back-to-school traffic safety rules

Published 8:17 pm Saturday, August 9, 2008

The first day of school is always the hardest, or is the second? The truth is that every day is hard when it comes to keep all of the students at school safe during the high traffic hours. This year the schools have all set out their plans early for what parents are supposed to do during the morning hours and afternoon hours of school traffic.

Each school has set out a pick-up and drop-off section where parents can choose to bring their child to and from school.

They have also set up separate sites that buses will be using to help kids from becoming confused with where they are supposed to go after school.

“We are working on making this year a safe year for all of our students,” said Keith Moore, Chilton County Board of Education Superintendent. “We want everyone to have a good year but that is going to take work from everyone including the parents, teachers, bus drivers, officers and community members.”

Moore said that generally the first week of school is the hardest as many new parents are taking their kids to school for the first time and still don’t fully understand how the system works. He is hoping that with the orientations held by the schools they were able to clarify most of the locations that the parents will need to be to help cut down confusion.

This of course in not going to help the motorist who are just traveling through a school zone during the dropping off or picking up hours of the day.

“We are going to have police officers out in the roadways as well as crossing guards to help guide traffic during the start of school and the release of school,” Jemison Police Chief Brian Stilwell said.

Most of the county schools will be placing at least one crossing guard at the school for help with guiding students across the street as well as helping the parents drive through the school zones safely.

“We just want everyone to realize that there are going to be a lot of parents with their kids out on the road as well as school buses. This is definitely a time of the year to bring caution to your driving,” Moore said.